CWG – CommonWealth Games 2022

GainHope welcomes the athletes and visitors of Common Wealth Games 2022. We are proud to run the campaign of spreading hope during this global sporting event with our volunteers sharing our projects and initiatives. Our message of Hope is simple that life is not just a game, it is a precious gift and one needs to contemplate to find its purpose and objective. “By the time!, Man is in a state of loss; except those who have faith and do righteous deeds, and counsel each other to hold on the truth and counsel each other to be steadfast.” (The Noble Quran)

HOPE is a powerful thing, it is the ability to see light in the utter darkness and create paths for yourself when none is in sight. Unfortunately in these chaotic times where challenges range from global warming to cost of living, from COVID to political uncertainties and from war to famine, it is difficult to find hope. Millions of people in United Kingdom and abroad are suffering with mental health issues like depression and anxiety, which leads some to harm themselves or even attempt suicide. In the developed world loneliness and lack of social support is reported as one of the most important factor leading to hopelessness. In these times, people around the world are looking to attain Hope.

This is the background that led to the creation of GainHope and we welcome you to our website. We wish to introduce you to the message of our loving Creator that provides the ultimate road to Hope and prosperity. This is the beautiful message of Islam, the message brought by all the Messengers and Prophets from Adam to Muhammed, including Moses, Jacob and Jesus (Peace be upon them all). We carry the responsibility that was given to these great humans and spread the message of peace, love and hope to those who are looking for the light.

Why not Get in Touch today to find out more about Islam, request a free copy of Quran or simply visit any of our branches and a Mosque near you. Our volunteers would be setting up stalls in Birmingham, Solihull and London, during the duration of Common Wealth Games, to give you an opportunity to meet us and to get free books about basics of Islam.

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