Give Hope…
with Your Zakat & Sadaqah

Did you know that over 7.4 million people living in the UK are affected by loneliness and that everyday in the UK, sadly,16 people commit suicide? Millions of others are living below the poverty line and many seeking the help of foodbanks to survive and feed their love ones. There are also thousands of Muslims in the UK who need help with shelter, food for suhur and for Iftaar, as well as dates and artefacts such prayer mats and books. If this situation wasn’t bad enough, all of us are seeking hope and light at the end of Covid-19 tunnel that has taken oven 100,000 lives in the UK in less than 12 months.

For many, Hope is the ‘light at the end of a tunnel’ and there is no better feeling then to provide the love, compassion and kindness that our fellow human beings rightly deserve – irrespective of their background, gender, colour, faith or indeed, people of no faith. This Ramadan, let us be the candle that kindles hope in many and gives them the light to take them through the journey of life. We wish to share the message of Hope, help others with overcoming and addressing everyday challenges and showing that good Samaritans exist.. in every community and in every neighbourhood.

This Ramadan, help us to reach more people with the message of Hope, the message of Islam, by making a generous donation… the more funds we have , the more people we will be able to give Hope Insha-ALLAH, God-willing.

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Thank you. Your contribution will help to share and give Hope to our fellow citizens. Please consider making a regular donation so that Hope can continue to reach many more people.