Praise be to the Almighty… we had a wonderful response to the Mercy Competition… where entrants needed to depict how they related to the Final Messenger of God, Muhammadﷺ either through writing, poster, poetry or via an audio or video clip. After careful consideration of all the entries, independent judges using a set criteria to evaluate each entry have designated the below tabled as winners.

Children Category

Zeinab A. Edinburgh Writing  1
Yousaf S. Boston Video 2
Aleena U. Rochdale Poster 3
Maira S. Boston Poem 4
Rohaan M. Boston Poster 5
Zara S. Boston Writing  6
Aaishah P. London Poster 7
Hamaad A. Rochdale Poem 8

Adult Category

Fatima A. Glasgow Video 1
Nasirah A. Peterborough Poem 2
Alia A. Walsall Poem 3
Mughal M. Rochdale Poster 4