Unity Iftar

During the Blessed month of Ramadan – the month of giving, the month of forgiveness, the month of salvation and the month of hope – a unique event takes place throughout the 30 days at centres and Mosques across the country – from Portsmouth to Glasgow. The event termed simply Unity Iftar is a community meal where people of the Muslim faith, of other faith and of no faith are invited to partake in the opening of the fast.

Muslims would not have drunk or eaten anything during the fasting day, from dawn to dusk and the occasion of Iftar is truly blessed as it signals the successful engagement with the Loving Creator throughout the day. It reflects the sacrifices one has made and is now entering the point of ultimate reward from the Almighty – who has seen everything and heard everything that a person who fasts (and indeed those who have not fasted) have done. Since the fast is for our Lord then the reward only is from our Lord… His reward is limitless.

Unity Iftar offers the whole community to come together and gain blessings of our wonderful Creator and reflect the fact that we all are from one creation irrespective of our gender, colour, race or status in society. We all belong to one and only God Almighty and our ultimate goal in life is to gain His Love, Affection and Mercy.

Join us and taste a spirit of the Glorious month of fasting… simply contact us at info@gainhope.org to find when the next Unity Iftar event will be happening.

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