Animal & Environment: Sayings of Prophet (pbuh)




Islam teaches us to be kind to mother nature when enjoying the blessings of God on this Earth. Never be brutal: don’t torture an animal even when slaughtering it. Cock-fighting and bull-fighting are inconceivable for a truly faithful Muslim mind. Never be a wastrel, expending natural resources needlessly: use water with economy wherever you are, even by a richly streaming river. Cut no tree wantonly, even in war. Such are the teachings of Islam regarding the environment and animal life, as the following sayings of the Prophet illustrate. It is a counsel for all ages, and ours needs it most. Today the sovereignty
of quantity, of throw-away culture, reigns everywhere. Brutality and waste, armed with the destructive powers of civilization, threaten the very existence of all forms of life. To save the environment is an act of piety, a mark of faith.

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