Ramadan – Month of Salvation




Every year, in every part of the world, a remarkable event brings a dramatic change to all our lives.  The ‘normal’ pattern of waking up in the morning to prepare for your day is disrupted. Daily life continues at the customary pace, but coffee and lunch breaks are not spent in the traditional way; At sunset, all members of the family share food and thoughts together like no other day of the year. Indeed, part of the night is not even spent at home. Many long rows of people can be found bowing and prostrating to the Creator wherever you caste your gaze. Over a billion people participate in this remarkable and moving event, living in just about every corner of the Globe. The occasion is known as Ramadan – the month of fasting. In this brief we take a quick journey to understand exactly what this is and why it forms the salvation and hope that we, as human beings, all desire.

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