Share a copy of The Noble Quran - Invite to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and good advice

Share a Quran … Give Hope

Amazing opportunity to donate and contribute to the ultimate noble cause… of sharing and gifting a copy of the Final Testament of our Loving Creator… the Noble Qur’an. We are receiving requests every day for a copy and the interest in this beautiful Word of God is growing to several hundred requests a month. There are so many people, young & old, male & female, who are searching for the true light and asking for a copy of the Noble Qur’an. The demand is unprecedented, and the desire to read and learn is amazing.

You can help to share the Light of God Almighty… the Noble Qur’an by contributing a small amount of what He has given you. Your donation will, God-willing, change lives and give the ultimate hope through the Word of our Loving Creator. You can decide how much you want to donate. You can also decide whether to make one-off donation or to give £5 to £10 every month. Moreover, you can decide to make the donation for yourself, or for family or for a loved one who has sadly passed away. Your donation will no doubt benefit you and the person whose name the donation is made, both in this life and the next, God-willing.

You can give your Zakat and Sadaqah for this noble cause. Choose your donation and help share the beautiful message of our Loving Creator:

Donate By Bank Transfer

If you have online or mobile banking, you also have the option of donating directly to our Bank Account. This can either be a one off payment or a regular payment. Our details are:

Account Name: UKIM Dawah Centre

Sort Code: 20-08-98

Account No: 20 88 57 38

Please add a reference to the payment of ‘Share a Quran“.