The Loving God




To love and to show affection is a natural feature that is present with all beings, whether human or otherwise. It is one of the strengths that bring two or more entities together. It is there in any every part of our lives and its importance cannot be under estimated or over emphasised. Love takes us on journey. It is up to us as to whether this travel leads us to eternal happiness or whether it becomes a thorn in our everyday life.

To love and be loved by God is an aspiration that is with every creature. This booklet attempts to illustrate the significance of this and why loving God requires us to spend time and all our resources. It further shows that to love the Creator, we need to love fellow humans and all His creation. Muslims are expected to pass their salutations whenever the Prophets and other servants of God are mentioned in the text. I hope this booklet becomes a facilitator for further understanding the concept and also a means of attaining the love of God.

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