Campaign to Offer Support amid COVID-19

GainHope has launched a campaign to salute the heroes who are in the frontline of taking care of those affected by COVID-19.  This campaign also highlights the amazing advice of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, regarding the prevention and guidelines during an pandemic; as well as the need to ensure your neighbour does not go without food and support. With this in mind, hundreds and thousands of food parcels and gifts have been presented to those most in need and vulnerable in society, in addition thank you cards and gifts have been given to hospital workers, care home assistants, police, fire-brigade staff and council workers – recognising their amazing contribution in being there for us all at this difficult and challenging time.

Furthermore, the campaign invites the viewers to obtain more information about Islam and see how the Message of our Loving Creator is the ultimate road to hope and prosperity. Simply call GainHope at 03333 051 377 or email us at… we are here to assist.

Please continue your support for the GainHope endeavours, which is ever so needed through your support.  Please do consider donating today. Thank you.

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