GainHope offers a range of services including national 24/7 telephone number. Simply call 03333 051 377 to ask questions related to Islam, request for a visit to a Mosque and/or to order a free copy of the Quran and literature on Muslims, their beliefs and practices. In addition, we can be reached via email… We are ready to assist and to offer support.

In addition, GainHope can help to realise Islam Awareness Weeks, Islam Taster Days, stalls and exhibitions, as well activities, exercises and events on Muslim beliefs, etc., at schools, colleges and Universities. In many cases, we can supply the material at no cost to the institution.

GainHope also has a series of speakers who are available to cover topics relating to the Islamic faith. We would be happy to attend school assemblies, classroom discussions and support pupils with visits to local Mosques or with material that they may need for their studies.

GainHope values the interaction and working with people of other faiths and indeed, people of no faith. We have all been created by our all Loving Creator and are of one family. It is important that we all understand each other and through this develop a culture of mutual respect and value. We welcome the opportunity to reflect, learn and share beliefs and experiences, and championing goodness in society.