Centre of Hope – Mosque

When there is so much gloom and darkness, what better place to gain hope and light in our lives then visiting the House of our Loving Creator… the Mosque. Communicate directly with the one who loves us, cares for us, provides for us… who is all forgiving and all merciful. Let Him hear your worries and concerns and let me comfort us in our hour of need.

The Mosque is a place for reflection, a realisation of who we are and what we are here for. Time to ponder the past, to live for today and to aspire for the future. The Arabic word for Mosque is Masjid – a place where prostrations happen. Who better to prostrate and bow our heads than our all Loving Creator? Touch your forehead to ground and feel how close one is to Him, His Mercy and His Bounty.

Muslims across the globe believe that the earth as a whole is a place of worship and this is why we see many praying in the middle of deserts, whilst others pray in the car park and many others in shopping malls, at airports and service stations. The simple act of reaching out to the Almighty gives hope, reassurance and purpose.

The Mosque is not exclusively for Muslims. Everyone is welcome… the young & old, male & female, black or white, rich or poor… to explore, to learn, to share and to seek the Light of our Creator. Why not find out more about what a Mosque offers? Simply email us at info@gainhope.org to arrange an exploratory visit. You will be most welcomed.

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