Outreach Stalls

The Message of Hope needs to be shared. With this in mind, regular outreach stalls are setup across the country to help share this important ingredient. Sometimes you find the stalls in the shopping malls, other times outside in carnival or festival settings, more often than not in libraries, schools and universities. Irrespective of the settings, the purpose is the same and that is the opportunity to learn what Muslims, what they practice and why Muslims feel content with what they have.

The stalls themselves can comprise a variety of interesting artefacts, from basic booklets to comprehensive books on various aspects of Islam. Often there is the bonus of obtaining a free copy of the Noble Qur’an (English translation), which Muslims believe to be the final testament from our Loving Creator (following earlier revelations given to the true servants of God – Jesus, Moses, David and Abraham, may peace & blessings of God be upon them). Other features include free Henna painting and trying on a headscarf, both of which are very popular with visitors.

The outreach stalls help to breakdown barriers in our communities and open the doors to valuing each other through meaningful conversations. The stalls always garner a positive response from locals and leaves people with a better perspective on Islam and Muslims. We at GainHope will be happy to help setup an outreach booth in your locality – school, community centre, library, etc., simply contact us at info@gainhope.org.

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