Islam Taster Day

What better way to understand the beliefs and practices of a friend, a colleague or a neighbour then to share the beauty of it as part of a day out? Islam Taster Day is just that… an informal opportunity to learn, to share and to experience what Muslims believe and how do they go about practicing this throughout their normal daily lives.

Through a series of seminars, exhibition posters and good old fashion face-to-face conversations can remove misconceptions, misunderstandings and clarify any myths that are in circulation from time-to-time. Together with a delicious communal meal, Islam Taster Day can leave plenty for reflection and helps to nurture better relationships, respect and value all round.

The event is open to all and held typically annually in a Mosque setting or in a nearby community centre. Gifts are often offered to all guests, whereby copies of the Noble Qur’an (English translation) and useful material to better grasp the Muslim way of life are handed out. Sometimes, quizzes are organised and there is an opportunity to win prizes – a sure way to engage all people, especially the young. The most important part of the Day is no doubt the opportunity to discuss everyday issues, concerns and seeing how as one community we can work together to help others.

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