Prophet of Mercy




If there was one man in history who had so much influence on people around him and those who followed him then this must be the orphan who had no schooling and was born in a town in the midst of a desert. Such was his influence that countless books have been written and numerous seminars and conferences have been organised, but still there is so much to relay about him, his life and his personality. This exceptional man was the final Messenger of God, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

This booklet has been written with the sole purpose of providing a basic introduction to the man who is regarded as an icon of mercy. His example of mercy extends not just to his immediate family and friends, but to his enemies and other creatures of God. A jewel in the crown the Prophet’s life is indeed a model for humanity. A number of events and scenarios are presented in the booklet to illustrate this point. Muslims are expected to pass their salutations whenever the Prophet is (and other servants of God are) mentioned in the text. I hope this writing will act as an inspiration to read more about this remarkable human being.

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