Islam’s Answer to the Racial Problem



A classic insight given by a German diplomat to the very topical area of racial equality. Coming from the heart, the description is presented at a conference over 40 years ago. It highlights the problem and depicts how in Islam the position of colour has not been a problem. Indeed, one of the first followers of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a black slave by name of Bilal (may God be pleased with him) whose voice became the symbol of hope as he called people to prayer.

The author, being German, relays the injustices that took place in his country and how he was fortunate not to be part of this. Instead, he became closer to God Almighty and saw the beauty of Islam and equality it resonates at least 5 times a day when everyone stands shoulder-to-shoulder in prayer irrespective of colour, creed or position in society in front of our Loving Creator.

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