Ramadan Competition For Children

As Ramadan is a time for gaining a closer connection with our Lord. We have designed a competition in which children can be encouraged to put on paper what they are thinking. To allow them to share their thoughts and possibly inspire others as well. The competition is open to all school children, 4 to 16 years of age, irrespective of your background or belief.


The theme of this year’s Ramadan Competition is Letter to my Lord and entry to the competition can be made by writing a letter. This is a letter written directly to our Loving Creator and with a personal message of choice.


There are three entry categories:

    • Category 1: Ages 4 to 7 (infant)
    • Category 2: Ages 8 to 11 (junior)
    • Category 3: Ages 12 to 16 (secondary)


For each category, there are 10 prizes to be won:


£50 Shopping voucher

(1 winner)


£25 Shopping voucher

(3 winners)


£10 Shopping voucher

(6 winners)


Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions of this competition before submitting your entry.

Kindly choose the correct age category, complete the form fully, upload your competition entry file and click on ‘Submit’ button once you are ready to upload your entry to the competition.