Ramadan Tutor eBook




This is an elegant, colourful and a compact Ramadan Tutor for children in the age group of 5 to 15 years old. The tutor is a handbook containing all the information about Ramadan useful for this age group of children. Apart from Ramadan, the planner also contains information about basics of Islam and an introduction to the Noble Qur’an and the final Messenger of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him). There are some very beneficial supplications along with word-for-word translation. This will help children to develop Arabic vocabulary and have a better understanding. We know that children learn faster with games, activities, puzzles, quizzes, stories etc. So, the planner is loaded with many of them and designed on Islamic themes like the five pillars of Islam, Ramadan and daily etiquettes etc. It makes the learning so much fun for children (and indeed anyone else who may be interested in learning the essence and elements of teh Muslim faith).

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