Virtue: Sayings of Prophet (pbuh)




Islam’s social message seeks to foster the welfare of both the individual and the community. Khuluq, is an Islamic concept that encompasses the cardinal virtues of good character, good manners, rectitude and honesty. The Qur’an describes the Prophet as a man of virtue, “of great character,“ and the Prophet, as the following hadiths show, exhorts the faithful to tread the path of virtue, to utter the utterances and do the deeds of goodness. Throughout the message is: do no harm. Love, within the capacity of human nature, is a virtue. You cannot love others as you love yourself, but you should love for them the things you love for yourself. Besides love, you must also observe justice and equity. Be conscientiously fair: reward those who labour for you, doing it willingly and promptly. Avoid the vices of a hypocrite, those qualities that ruin goodwill: the words of a liar, the promises of a swindler, the pledges of a traitor.

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